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Our rigorous semen quality standards continue to propel Select Sires to a dominating position for fertility and our young sire lineup is no exception.

Leading our Super Sampler™ lineup is 7JE1503 RONALDINHO {3} at +277 GJPI™. He is the No. 1 Protein (+72) and Sire Conception Rate (SCR) (+5.2) sire. A new polled young sire is 7JE1557 SILAS {5}-P. SILAS {5}-P yields +1,399 Milk and he also ranks high in the breed for GJPI (+260) among polled sires. 507JE1528 DISCO 
 is our No. 1 Productive Life (PL)(+9.7) young sire. DISCO stands strong with Type (+1.8) and +668 Cheese Merit (CM$). His Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) (+3.0) and +32.5 JUI™ make DISCO a valuable young sire only available gender SELECTed™. 

Young Sires Dams


Demand for gender SELECTed semen is on the rise and Select Sires has the most breed-leading sires available in sexed semen in the industry. This means you can get more heifers from more elite sires. Check out the gender SELECTed sires available from your Select Sires representative.

Proven Sires 
Super Samplers

All gender SELECTed semen is processed using SexedULTRA™ technology. Click image for more information.

7JE1505 POGBA {4}
Dam: JX Faria Brothers Daybreak 212528 {3} (VG-88%)

Ahlem Dimension Paula 40199-ET (E-90%)

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7JE1038 VALENTINO is now the No. 1 lifetime sales Jersey sire at Select Sires. 

Customer-satisfaction sire 7JE1038 VALENTINO is now the No. 1 lifetime sales Jersey sire at Select Sires. Through the end of December, VALENTINO has sold 380,068 units of semen passing 7JE590 ACTION who sold 376,482 units. 

VALENTINO was bred by David Allen of Reedsburg, Wis. and is a 7JE738 LOUIE son of world-famous D&E Paramount Violet (E-90%). Violet was purchased by Allen in 2006 when he was looking for a few cows to develop and add to his herd. In January 2010, she made a splash when five of her sons were among the top-10 GJPI™ young sires with VALENTINO at the top of the list. 

After being a popular member of the Super Sampler lineup, VALENTINO graduated into the active lineup in December 2012 as the No. 5 GJPI and No. 2 Type sire. Today, VALENTINO is known as a customer-satisfaction sire around the world and maintains his position in the top-10 sires for Type at +1.8. He is also among the leading sires for Livability, ranking ninth at +3.2. In Canada, he is a top-25 LPI sire at +1603 and is the No. 8 Pro$ sire at +1392. Following the December sire summary he now has more than 10,000 daughters in nearly 2,000 herds contributing to his proof. 

“VALENTINO is truly a bull that is building a legacy in the Jersey world,” said Tim Baumgartner, Jersey genetics and marketing specialist at Select Sires Inc. “His ability to make daughters that can impress even the most discriminating breeders is amazing. They are tremendously balanced cows with udders built to last. VALENTINO is truly a living legend.”

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Sires with this logo have been sampled through our partnership with Jerseyland Sires of California. Read below for more
information on these new sires.

Ahlem Jupiter Princess 40390 
Dam: Ahlem Jupiter Princess 40390 (VG-83%)

Select Sires will offer sires annually from Jerseyland Sires while continuing to market sires from River Valley Farm and source additional elite sires for the traditional Program for Genetic Advancement™ (PGA™) from Jersey breeders. This combined genetic development will provide Jersey customers with a large, diverse lineup of leading Jersey sires.

“Select Sires is committed to enhancing the genetic quality available in the Jersey breed and has found a partner in Jerseyland Sires who also shares that passion and commitment,” explained David Thorbahn, Select Sires president and CEO. “We feel this combination of two industry leaders will supply an amazing offering of Jersey sires for our customer-owners.”

For more detailed information visit with one of our Jersey Revolution™ team members listed below or if you're curious about Jerseyland Sires you can reach out to Tyler Boyd.

Tyler Boyd
 Tyler Boyd
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