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Joining ForcesSelect Sires Inc., and Accelerated Genetics to Join Forces

Plain City, OH & Baraboo, WI:
The board of directors for Select Sires Inc., and Accelerated Genetics have reached a unanimous decision to unify the two cooperatives. Under the planned agreement, Select Sires will acquire the assets of Accelerated Genetics, joining forces of employees and independent sales representatives in each of their geographical member organizations. This decision coincides with an already collaborative business relationship that began in 2001, where each shares ownership of World Wide Sires, Ltd. World Wide Sires serves as the international marketing arm for both companies in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania. 

Accelerated Genetics and Select Sires Inc., are built upon the same cooperative business principles and share similar operating structures. Each organization stems from a root of innovative breeders, who had a common vision to move the dairy and beef industries forward. Both cultures value the input of their member-owners and recognize the importance of their guidance in driving the need to produce superior genetics and outstanding reproductive programs. 

On June 22, 2017, Accelerated Genetics delegates will come together to cast the final vote on the direction of the cooperative. The goal is to create a unified cooperative that is second-to-none in the market place dedicated to the producer. 

This impending endeavor will create a well-rounded genetics program and solution-based animal health care product line that will fit the needs of dairy and beef producers worldwide. Producers can expect to continue working with highly qualified, passionate individuals, who know and understand the cattle breeding industry.  


For more information, contact:
Angie Lindloff – Accelerated Genetics, or (608) 355-5424
Shirley Kaltenbach – Select Sires Inc., or (614) 733-3400


Summer is here and high temperatures can lead to challenges in conception. Select Sires is dedicated to providing high-fertility sires to help in conception. Leading the breed with eight of the top eight and 12 of the top 15 Sire Conception Rate (SCR) sires in the breed, we have what you need to beat the heat. FertilityPRO™ sire, 7JE1409 SAVVY leads the breed as the No. 1 SCR sire (+4.7).

Select Sires has earned a reputation over the years of having the most fertile semen in the A.I. industry. What's our big secret? According to Mel DeJarnette, vice president, research and quality control, "It is not one single thing that we do but rather many things consistently done the right way!" Our team focuses on sire health and comfort as well as technology and product support. Click here to read the full article, Sire Fertility: It’s More Than Just What’s Inside the Straw.


Photo: Dam of 7JE1409 SAVVY, Buttercrest Valentino Sara (E-91%) 
SAVVY is the No. 1 SCR sire in the breed at +4.7.


gender SELECTed semen demands are on the rise and Select Sires has the most breed-leading sires with sexed semen available in the industry. This means you can get more heifers from more elite sires for your herd. Check out the gender SELECTed sires available from your Select Sires representative.

Dutch Hollow Reno Hostess
Dutch Hollow Reno Hostess (VG-82%), 7JE1332 RENO daughter,
Brian K. Chittenden, Schodack Landing, N.Y.

507JE1332 RENO


509JE1331 VARICK

We have several Jersey sires available gender SELECTed. Click here to see the full lineup of Jersey sires on the second page of our June 2017 flyer.


  0417 Jersey Mating Guide

This new mating guide can be used as a tool to find the top Jersey sires at Select Sires for a variety of traits.


 sneak peek
Be sure to visit our website next month for new additions to the Super Sampler lineup. Here is a few young sires to look for in July.

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Select Sires has the proven Type sires to make your next barn favorite!

Rank   Code No. and Name  Type 
No. 2T  7JE1294 BARNABAS
No. 4 7JE1219 OLIVER-P 
No. 8T 7JE1354 TEXAS 
No. 14T  7JE1274 AXIS 

At Select Sires we identify our Superior Settlers™ with more than just high SCR numbers. We also take Composite Fertility Index (CFI) data along with intense semen quality evaluations into consideration. Pick these Superior Settlers - because you deserve more than just a pregnancy!

Crosswind Axis 5771 {6}-ET (VG-83%)
Crosswind Jerseys, Elkton, S.D.

Jx Generations Jammer Dora {5}
JX Generations Jammer Dora {5} (VG-87%)
Southern Heritage Jerseys, Lascassas, Tenn.

Dam: Heartland Artist Salina (E-91%)

Avonlea Iatola Victoria
Dam: Avonlea Iatola Victoria (E-94%) 


by Alan Chittenden, Jersey Sire Committee Member

     Since the introduction of component pricing and with the many studies reflecting the efficiency of the little brown cow, the Jersey breed has experienced both growth and demand like never before. Registrations, transfers and performance information recorded by the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) continue to reach new heights, but the demand for Jersey genetics extends far beyond the reach of the association. The widespread use of crossbreeding as a means to transform the color of many large commercial herds, combined with AJCA programs designed to identify this crossbred population, has been the source of much controversy in recent times. At the same time, the continued advancement of genomic technology has allowed for more accurate identification and evaluation of all breeds of dairy cattle. 

     At the Jersey sire committee meeting in March, much of the discussion focused on what direction the Jersey program at Select Sires should take. In recent years, the committee has recommended a conservative position with regard to the acquisition of bulls having other breed influence. However, it has become increasingly difficult to source young sires that have the highest genetic potential without allowing some degree of outside influence. As a committee, we recognize that our membership includes many types of breeders, from the Jersey "purists" to those who prefer the crossbred cow. It is our goal to provide genetics that will satisfy the needs and desires of all these different groups, and the demand for these various sires will help dictate the direction necessary to remain viable in the market place. 

     Certainly, there is still some question about the crossbred cattle. Are they being properly evaluated? How do they influence data on pure Jerseys? Should they be measured on a different scale? Eventually, these questions will be answered by geneticists through research and by actual performance within our herds. 

     Ultimately, as a breeder, you have the freedom to make your own decisions about what genetics to use and not use. As organizations, both Select Sires and the AJCA will continue to provide current information with full transparency to help you achieve your goals.


We’re excited to be part of the 2017 American Jersey Cattle Association & National All-Jersey Inc; (AJCA-NAJ) Annual Meetings in Gettysburg, Penn. with Jersey breeders from all across the country. This is a time for both breeders and industry personnel to come together and discuss the Jersey cow and look into the future to ensure the continued success of the breed.  

We are looking forward to attending the sessions and events that are planned, meeting breeders from all over the country and enlightening them about the Jersey Revolution, here at Select Sires.


HerbyHerby Lutz
(614) 570-2444
ZieglerJeff Ziegler
(614) 203-2813
Bolen_MarcMarc Bolen
(419) 680-1061

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