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We are excited to offer you our Jersey Mating Guide to help you select our top proven sires and Super Samplers™ for each trait. Our team is dedicated to your success. We are proud to offer a more extensive lineup through our joining forces with Accelerated Genetics!

High-Components Directory

We are pleased to provide the results from the August sire summary for our entire High-Components breeds lineup. Please click the image below to view our full directory online. 



New Graduates!

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7JE5004 River Valley CeCe CHROME-ET

JX River Valley Chrome Cherita 1261 {5}ET
JX River Valley Chrome Cherita 1261 {5}-ET
River Valley Farm, Tremont, IL

Critic-P X (EX-91%) Celebrity X (EX-94%) Lyon Y178 X (EX-90%) Perimiter

  • Cow family that has huge success
  • High type, great udders, positive components
  • Positive in both DPR and SCR
  • Expect CHROME daughters to make you money and look good doing it!

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7JE1288 Ahlem Decoy LARAMIE 21987-ET

JX Avi Lanche Laramie Arcola 14562{4}
JX Avi-Lanche Laramie Arcola 14562 {4}
Richard & Jennifer M. Avila, Dalhart, TX 

Decoy X (VG- 82%) TBONE X (VG-84%) Iatola X (EX-90%) Legion

  • Milk, udders, Type
  • Amazing rear udder height
  • Expect long-lasting cows

7JE1344 Wilsonview If MATT-ET

Bellaska Matt Quiet
Bellaska Matt Quiet (VG-85%)
Ferme Bellaska Jersey, La Durantaye, QC, Canada

IRWIN X (VG-86%) TBONE X (VG-88%) Impuls X (EX-93%) Avery

  • Will get cows bred at +2.1 SCR
  • Eye-appealing type with amazing udders
  • Customer-satisfaction bull

14JE673 JX Faria Brothers AVON {2}-ET

Faria Brothers Action Dean Smith
Dam: JX Faria Brothers Action Dean Smith {1}

Visionary X (EX-92%) ACTION

  • High ranking JPI™ at +221
  • Extreme production and
    fitness traits
  • JX AVON {2} daughters can provide the complete package

14JE662 TJR Visionary REGENCY

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Visionary X (VG-87%) Plus {5} X (VG-86%) Lexington X (EX-92%) Fredrico 

  • Production and type from extremely high rear udders
  • Expect REGENCY daughters to last and put milk in the tank
  • Maternal line traces back to the master breeder herd, Cedercrest Farms!



Tyler Boyd, general manager of Jerseyland Sires (JLS), joins us this month to discuss new JLS bulls in the Select Sires Jersey Revolution lineup and provides background information on their program.

Tyler BoydSeveral JLS sires have recently received the Super Sampler™ designation, with bulls like 7JE1583 JX HARAMBE {3} and7JE1577 MOONBEAM joining earlier Super Samplers, including7JE1540 JX STORMCLOUD {4} and 7JE1549 JX WAVE {3}. The most exciting new addition is 507JE1569 JX AVON KLAY {3}-P, a breed-leading Polled bull developed through the JLS Primus female program. These bulls represent the goals of the JLS lineup – bulls who can sire balanced, productive daughters who thrive in a competitive production environment. A bull is brought to stud only if actual dairy owners and managers will use him in their own herds.

In my mind, seeing the sires our members use gives us an accurate feel for how each of their daughters will perform. Semen for new bulls is used quickly, heavily and uniformly, easily outweighing any special or early use semen. The daughters don’t receive any special treatment – they succeed, or they don’t, based solely on their own merit. With the variance we see in today’s proofs, I find true value in not having to wait for a bull’s second, third or fourth proof to actually know if his numbers are reliable.

Jerseyland herds also make heavy use of sexed semen, leading to the inclusion of several of our bulls marketed with the gender SELECTed™ designation – including top bulls JX WAVE {3} and new sexed-only release JX AVON KLAY {3}-P. Both bulls exceed +$600CM, +90CFP, and +15 JUI. We’re very excited to see JX AVON KLAY {3}-P enter the Select Sires lineup. He and JX HARAMBE {3} represent the first of many bulls from our own female program to enter active A.I. The Primus program, much like Select Sires’ own ART program, makes intensive use of IVF and ET work to increase the rate of genetic advancement.

Jersey Land Sires LogoThe partnership between JLS and Select Sires has had a successful launch, and we’re all looking forward to the many great things to come as a result. The importance and focus that Select Sires has placed on its Jersey lineup, both in terms of people and product, is unequaled in the A.I. industry, and we, at JLS, are very happy to be part of that drive.


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