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New Graduates!

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We are grateful to be your trusted source for Jersey genetics. As the year draws to a close, we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your continued business. We are committed to your success and look forward to serving you in 2017. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

7JE1294 Jars Of Clay BARNABAS

Missiska Barnabas Jenny
Missiska Barnabas Jenny, Caroline Pelletier and Paulin Bard, Saint Armand, QC, Canada.

TOPEKA X (E-91%) VALENTINO x (E-90%) Venerable x (E-91%) Mercedes x (E-92%) CHOICE-P

  • Graduates with breed-leading Type and JUI™
  • Offers positive components from four generations of Excellent dams
  • The most talked about sire in recent months
  • Value-added sire syndicated through the All American Jersey sale
7JE1267 Sunset Canyon DEPUTY-ET

Pearlmont Restore Dixie-ET
Dam: Pearlmont Restore Dixie-ET (E-90%) 

Critic-P x (E-90%) Restore x (E-90%) Impuls x (E-91%) PARAMOUNT x (E-91%) Montana

  • Graduates as a four-digit milk sire
  • Another great udder sire
  • Merit values spell profitability
  • Rock-solid maternal line that delivers    


7JE1275 Pearlmont Visionary DEMAND

Avi Lanche Demand Secert 13365
Avi-Lanche Demand Secert 13365, Avi-Lanche Jerseys, Dalhart, TX

Visonary x (E-90%) Restore x (E-90%) Impuls x (E-91%) PARAMOUNT x (E-91%) Montana 

  • Graduates with high CM$ ratings
  • Offers positive components with positive fitness traits
  • From one of America’s premier herds - Pearlmont
  • High performance and fertility equal profitability     
7JE1331 Berrys Dimension VARICK-ET

Berrys Academy Esperanza-ET
Dam: Berrys Academy Esperanza-ET (E-92%)

DIMENSION x (E-92%) Academy x (VG-82%) Legacy x (E-90%) Daniel x (E-91%) PARADE

  • VARICK is the fitness king
  • Amazing udders with positive components
  • Impressive maternal line
  • VARICK daughters are ready to make you money
7JE1332 Orthridge RENO

High Lawn Maximum Ritzy
Dam: High Lawn Maximum Ritzy (VG-88%)

Volcano x (VG-88%) Maximum x (VG-86%) Rasmus x (VG-80%) Khan

  • Graduates with class and high-rank
  • Daughters are moderate-sized with solid udders
  • This sire father will have a positive impact on the breed
  • Performance, fitness and Type in one package

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