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We are proud to lead the industry through the Jersey Revolution and thrilled to offer you our Jersey Mating Guide. In this guide, we’ve sorted out our top proven and Super Samplers for each trait. Our team is dedicated to your success.

High-Components Directory

We are pleased to provide the results from the December sire summary for our entire High-Components breeds lineup. Please click the image below to view our full directory online. 



New Graduates!

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Avi-Lanche Iron Man Violet 16194 (VG-80%)
Richard & Jennifer M. Avila, Dalhart, TX

Frontrunner x Impuls x Rescue

  • Balanced Milk with great components (+87 CFP) and awesome Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+1.8 DPR)

  • Adds strength, width and shallow udders to go with great Cheese Merit (+492 CM$)

  • All around bull with outstanding production, components, BB Kappa-Casein and fitness traits



JX Ahlem Perry Cora 50062 {6} (VG-86%)
Ahlem Farms Partnership, Hilmar, CA

Dazzler x Plus {5} x JACINTO
  • Balanced production with great components and outstanding CM$ (+516)

  • Great conception rates and fitness to make trouble-free cows

  • Designated FeedPRO® and RobotPRO® with A2A2 

  • Customer satisfaction bull that will make profitable daughters



  • Big time Milk (+1,219) with great Somatic Cell Score (2.83 SCS), Productive Life (+5.9 PL) and Heifer Conception Rate (+1.4 HCR)

  • BB Kappa-Casein and A2A2

  • On U.S. Jersey’s Top 20 List

  • +2.0 Type and +25.4 JUI™ with a balanced linear

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Showcase Selections™

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7JE1486 FIZZ

Her Man Fizz Dreamer
Hobbs Lutz, Chester, SC

Tequila x Sultan x Avery

  • Daughters are winning across the country and are looking to continue in milking form

  • A2A2 sire with elite sire fertility, designated Superior Settler­™

  • Adds strength and power with the right combination of refinement and style


Bridon V Sweets
2nd Int. milking yearling, Royal Winter Fair, 2018
Bridon Farms Inc, Paris, ON, Canada

BARNABAS x Iatola x Duaiseoir

  • The crossover bull that brings production and type

  • Impressive Sire Conception Rate (+2.8 SCR), delivers fertility without compromise

  • Early daughters are calving in and they look great

Sexed Semen

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7JE1344 MATT

Bulrush Matt Prada (VG-89)
Unique Stock Farm, Rochester, AB, Canada

IRWIN x Refuge x Vibrant

  • Designated Elite Sexed Fertility™ with great health traits

  • Positive percents with production, type and impressive udders

  • Making the customer-satisfaction kind


Hilmar Dakarai 2504 {5} (VG-82%)
Charles Ahlem, Hilmar, CA

Hulk x Allstar x Vibrant

  • Breed-leading Fat % (+0.39) with positive DPR (+0.5)

  • High CM$ with balanced JPI™ (+145) and shallow udders

  • Outcross pedigree that is a FeedPRO bull available in gender SELECTed™

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For more than 50 years, our passion has been your success. From all of us at Select Sires thank you for trusting us as your genetic provider. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a successful year in 2019.


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